Getting Started

Let us help your credit union

Getting your credit union involved in member business lending can be accomplished in three easy steps.

Heartland Business Services’ member business lending solution allows your credit union to quickly, economically and safely offer a full line of business loans to your existing and potential members.


Start today with the following three steps:

Step 1

Contact For Assistance

Contact Heartland Business Services for assistance in establishing your credit union’s member business lending policies. HBS can provide you with a member business lending policy template that's easily tailored for your credit union’s individual needs.

Step 2

Partner With Us

Partner with Heartland Business Services to provide your full service member business lending backroom. By entering into a servicing agreement with HBS, your credit union has access to all of HBS's business lending services.

Step 3

Schedule Training

Schedule your credit union's initial training with Heartland Business Services. Our staff provides designated employees with a better understanding of what information is required for business lending and how to structure business loan proposals.

We can help your credit union

Heartland Business Services can assist you to better meet the needs of your members and community by providing member business lending products.

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